Office Y03

The project for renovation of office space Y03 was made in early 2013 and was built in less than two weeks. The project was a surprise gift for the owner of the company from his family on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. The design is a modern interpretation of the classic business style. The laconic visuals include almost complete wood paneling in dark walnut, an acoustic ceiling in a characteristic pattern, gray carpet, a large desk designed by the studio and white cabinets, showcases and awnings. The project consists of two rooms – one for the owner and one for his secretary, separated by a translucent glass partition with graphics in the same style. The interior uses works of the Bulgarian sculptor Nikolay Marinov.

project: 2013
built: 2013
area: 43 sq.m.
client: Yavlena
photography: Assen Emilov