Office E06

The three-storey office of one of the largest courier companies in the country is based in an old building with traditional elements. Metal columns, Prussian arches and doors with decorative elements from the last century describe the existing building. The spaces on the three floors are treated by emphasizing the existing features, both by  function and material. Against a white background, the strong color combinations emphasizing the described details create a modern office that meets both the aesthetic and functional needs of the company and its employees. The custom designed furniture for this space, creates the necessary practical and cozy working environment not only in the different work units on the floors, but also in the multifunctional, spacious recreation areas creating the necessary comfort in a modern working environment, under the roof of old architecture with preserved classic details.

project: 2018
built: 2019
area: 1000 sq.m.
client: Econt
visualization: dontDIY