Office D05

The building of the former factory “Electronica” in Sofia is becoming a hub for offices in various fields, offering clean, vast spaces. This base gives the opportunity to form open space offices that fully satisfy the need for an area for concentrated work, a place for recreation and individual meetings with a high level of confidentiality. Regardless of its industrial basis, the interior of the office creates a well-designed environment for working with comforting elements. The large space of the office allows the use of a diagonal minimalist pattern of different colored carpets on the floor, which serve not only for aesthetic purposes, but also have a soundproofing function. This diagonal pattern also appears in the white mesh on the ceiling that hides the installation. In addition to the formed working islands, scattered throughout the space there are movable wooden house formed meeting rooms which have their own installations for maximum comfort. The common kitchen area and the presentation area are the much needed places for conversation and relaxation in any modern office.

project: 2017
built: 2018
area: 600 sq.m.
client: Dynamo Software
visualization: dontDIY