Office P01

The design has been developed to both functionally and aesthetically reflect the client company’s values, as presented in the slogan “Créateurs de convivialité”. The proposed scheme tackles the generic office space as a home. On the one hand, it is a modern-day home that distinguishes between functions – kitchen (the bar), dining room (small meeting room closest to the bar), living room (large common room for casual meetings with sofas and TV), study (the Sales team crib), recreation room (the massage chair private space). On the other hand, it is a primordial home that transforms according to the needs of the dwellers by means of mobile partitions between the ‘house rooms’, modular multi-use fixed furnishings, and interchangeable movable furniture. The colors used harmonize with the softness of natural wood. White curtains are again a reference to the feeling of home comfort, but in the office environment they perform a separating function.

project: 2016
built: 2017
area: 130 sq.m.
client: Pernod Ricard
photography: Assen Emilov