Apartments S14

The four studio apartments in the town of Hissarya have a similar plan, but each has a different approach to the interior design logic. The clean apartment in completely white shades is characterized by the details in the paneling of the cabinet furniture. Together with the bleached parquet, they provide a basis for the catalog furniture as an accent – sofas with pale blue upholstery, a chair with armrests and a bed in gray upholstery, oak dining chairs. The opposite to this apartment with the same plan, emphasizes not only the catalog furniture, but also the colorful details of the floor, which also appear behind the kitchen in the form of a framed panel. The apartment in light gray shades creates a feeling of minimalist elegance, complemented by well-executed, hidden details. The last apartment uses a combination of white walls, light wood flooring and again accent catalog furniture.

project: 2018
built: 2020
area: 200 sq.m.
client: private
visualisation: dontDIY