Apartment S20

S20 is a project which combines a balanced contemporary aesthetic, a feeling of coziness and a pinch of design provocation. A key design element is the natural oak panelling which serves both as accent and as a motive which leads you though the spaces and interwines them, forming a comprehensive concept. The geometrical tiles next to the entrance and in the kitchen supplement a needed dose of contrast with their Escheresque motive. The white tone of walls ceilings and parts of the panelling give provide lightness and scope to the eye. The sofas in the living room create a healthy provocation in the material palette with their distinctive blue tone. The black elements such as the fireplace, the window frames and other details complete the palette and give the notion of structure to the spaces.

realization: 2023
area: 170 sq.m.
client: private
photography: dontDIY