Apartment N08

Apartment N08 is situated in one of the most iconic modernist residential buildings in the center of Sofia  by Radoslav Radoslavov. The design aims at interpreting both classic and modernist motifs using a contemporary design language. Combining classic architectural order with a diverse material palette the design achieves a multilayered stylistic representation. An interpretation of the classical order is achieved by the vertical structuring of plinth, middle section and cornice. It traverses the entirety of the apartment thus creating a sense of continuity and consistency. It also serves as a framing for wall paneling in wooden finish or pastel color, varying from linear patterns to angled panels whilst framing works of art. The elegant but sophisticated style of the interior is balanced with works of art and design pieces, bringing their own character and diversity in this combination of elements.

project: 2018
built: 2019
area: 150 sq.m.
client: private
photography: Assen Emilov