Apartment H01

The project is the home of a businessman with passion for photography and travel and is situated on the last floor of an old four-story building in Sofia. The neighborhood features a lot of small parks and gardens which are made visible in every room. The apartment has an open space kitchen-dining-living room while large-scale wood panel doors separate it from the vestibule and the study. A green staircase furniture connects the main level with the attic while also storing the kitchen appliances. The sleeping area is somewhat hidden as its door is part of the large white bookcase in the living room, and it has a separate bathroom, a closet and built-in wardrobe. The flexibility of the project allows the possible future separation of the attic space into an independent sleeping area as it has its own wardrobe and bathroom, while the study room on the first floor can be easily used as an additional kids room.

project: 2014
built: 2015
area: 70 sq.m.
client: private
photography: Assen Emilov