Museum E07 – Etara

The Krastnik Kolchov Inn building within Open Air Ethnographic Museum "Etar" was built in the late 70's of the 20th century interpreting documents on a historical building that used to stand in the center of Gabrovo. This renovation project aims at providing support for the main activities of the entire museum complex by transforming the inn, which has until now been used primarily as administration and storage, into the Etar's cultural and information core, as suggested by its central location within the complex.


The dark entrance spaces in the underground floor, including a video room, a book store and other amenities, are a visual buffer between the external environment and the main exhibition hall on the next level. The stone flooring and the dark panelled walls of these spaces also act as a continuation of the main pedestrian promenade and correspond to the recently realized interior design for the nearby ethnographic shop. The interior design of the exhibition hall of the middle level is oriented mainly towards achieving optimal lighting, microclimate and exposition functionality of the hall. The rhythmic repetition of ceiling elements looks for an elegant and functional solution to the need to integrate both a variety of existing construction elements and all newly planned building installations. The new spatial configuration of the small halls on the top floor seeks to unite the publicly accessible part around a central reception hall. Aesthetics at this level are most determined by the characteristic wooden joinery. At this level are also the only two elements in the interior of the existing building, artistically interpreting in a recognizable 1970s manner the traditions in the region - a carved wood ceiling and a wall fresco preserved in the interior of the halls.