Bank S16 – Societe Generale Expressbank

project: 2017

built: 2017

area: 220 sq.m.

client: Societe Generale Expressbank

photography: Assen Emilov


This interior design project for a bank branch is an attempt to create a convincing whole out of pairs of opposing concepts: connection to the outside environment and intimacy, representativeness and comfort. The solution employs, on the one hand, the highlighting of the existing rhythm of space and its relation to the historical façade and, on the other, the varying degree of space-to-space connectedness along the vertical axis. The selected approach to artificial and natural illumination of the spaces, the selected material finishes, as well as the free-standing objects, in a way navigate between opposites too: up and down, black and white, colour and achromaticity, solidity and lightness.