Apartment V01

The apartment is situated on the first floor of an old building in the Sofia city centre. The rather old fashioned initial arrangement had to sustain general corrections in order to maximise the intake of natural light in the otherwise dark rooms. The living room contains a built-in plywood kitchen, fully concealable behind white sliding doors. A fireplace is built into a large white cabinet along with the refrigerator and the air-conditioning unit. Acustom plywood table serves for dining or work. A light blue Scandinavian sofa is lying in front of an exposed brick wall painted white with a black rotating Jean Prouve lamp hovering over. A large sliding door leads to the wardrobe room, combining yoga deck made from granite slabs and a winter garden.The bedroom combines a custom plywood baroque bed with Gras lamps and a large wardrobe along the wall.


Photography: Asen Emilov