Office P01

The design has been developed to both functionally and aesthetically reflect the client company's values, as presented in the slogan "Créateurs de convivialité". In order to achieve the new meaning of space within the context of a generic office building from the early 2000s, intervention took place on two main levels: space + meaning and objects + use and/or identity. The proposed scheme tackles the office space as a home. On the one hand, it is a modern-day home that distinguishes between functions - kitchen (the bar), dining room (small meeting room closest to the bar), living room (large common room for casual meetings with sofas and TV), study (the Sales team crib), recreation room ( the massage chair private space). On the other hand, it is a primordial home that transforms according to the needs of the dwellers. The mobile partitions dividing the 'kitchen', 'dining room', 'living room', 'study', and 'recreation room' open up in a fashion that, while preserving the rhythmic aesthetic that comes with the architecture elements that allow it, creates a big shared space for times when the entire company's team, and visitors if need be, can get together to work, discuss, celebrate. The furniture objects that inhabit the space are all either modular and interchangeable (tables and chairs), thus open to relocation as needed, or specifically designed as modular systems with a number of deviations to accommodate a variety of office items of daily use.


Photography: Assen Emilov