Office A11

Located on the ground floor of one of Sofia's busiest shopping pedestrian streets Vitosha, the small front office of Bulgarian travel agency Astral Holidays is a calm and soothing oasis for people to choose their dreamed vacation destination. The all black interior offers a welcoming and peaceful environment to the potential travelers and is visible directly from the opposite side of the street where the park of the National Palace of Culture starts.


The first floor features a reception desk, a waiting lounge and four workstations where one gets offered their best suited vacation opportunity. At the back of the office there is a small bathroom, a changing room and a storage area hidden behind a hidden door. The bespoke reception desk, which also serves as a cashier's desk, protrudes dramatically from an exposed brick column which has been preserved in its natural state. The workstations are made out of plywood to match the style of the visitors' chairs - the ash and plywood 4th Armchair by Almost. Additional screens have been incorporated in the large shelving unit which also unifies the first and the second floors.


A rather over-sized staircase leads to the mezzanine level where four other workstations and the branch manager's desk are situated. There is also an additional meeting lounge and a small bench for relaxation. The second floor has an exposed white ceiling with exposed installations to give the space a more spacious feel and human scale. The interior renovation project has kept the large glass window to the street in order to maximise the intake of natural light while also making the daily interior routine visible and open to the public. Another furniture unit has been added next to the staircase on the two floors to cover the multiple existing steel and concrete columns and to provide storage space for the standard office equipment.


Photography: Assen Emilov